Police: Tickets, trespass and identity theft

Three tickets were issued during the week. A motorist was given a summons on Manwaring Road for speeding — 50 mph in a 35-mph zone. Another driver was issued a ticket for unlicensed operation on Ram Island Drive, and a third was ticketed on South Ferry Road for using a cellphone without a hands-free device.


Ruth D. Matttson of Shelter Island was making a left-hand turn onto Smith Street from North Midway Road on March 3 when, according to the police report, she said the vehicle lunged forward and she collided with a phone pole on the shoulder of the roadway. There was more than $1,000 in damage to the front end of her vehicle and property damage to the pole.


Police investigated a possible case of trespass in Hay Beach on February 28.

A dog was reported at large on a Ram Island causeway on February 28 but was gone when police arrived.

On February 28 and March 2, police documented two separate incidents, civil in nature, for the courts.

Police responded to a case of aggravated harassment in the Center on February 29.

A power failure at the Highway Department was reported on February 29; police notified LIPA.

Police on patrol on March 2 located a vehicle with a stuck horn on a Menantic property, removed a negative cable and notified the owner.

A case of identity theft was reported to police on March 2.

On March 4, police were alerted to a report of a vehicle being driven erratically on a North Haven roadway. Police patrolled on the Island and did not locate the vehicle, which was later reported on the North Fork.

Also on the 4th, police were requested to check on the well-being of a person’s family members.

A power failure was reported in Hay Beach on March 5.

Police responded to a call about an over-use of medication on March 5.

Two carbon monoxide alarms were set off at residences during the week — on February 28 in the Center and on March 5 in Hay Beach. The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to both alarms. No trace of carbon monoxide was found in either case; a power outage may have activated the second alarm.


Shelter Island emergency medical service teams (EMS) transported four people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on February 29 and on March 3 and 4.