Osprey's Nest: Week of April 19, 2012


Special good wishes to…

Rosemary Griffing, who celebrated her 90th birthday at a party given by family and friends at the Presbyterian Church late last month.

Happy birthday to…

Gayle Gurney, Paul Juzapavicus, Robert Francis Juzapavicus, James Patton Bisher and Kevin Lechmanski on April 20; Melanie LoBue, Rachel Doman and Louise Oliver on April 21; Paul Speeches, Colette Roe, Lenora McClean, Tim Fitzpatrick, McKenna Cangemi and Grace Kempton on April 22; Roger Sherman, Tscharner Brian Thomson, Luca Pfitzer, Len Kotler, Mason Marcello, Charlie Hoffmann and Gerald Boyle on April 23; Erinn Eschler, Elizabeth DiPaola and Joshua Tudor on April 24; JoAnn LoBue, Billy Ryan, Caroline Wheeler Clark and Nell Lowell on April 25; and Andrew Allen Ogar and Kathleen Marshall on April 26.

Happy anniversary to…

Pat and Dave McGayhey on April 23; Capt. William and Janet Hansen and Lillian and Bob King on April 24; and Gayle and Ric Gurney on April 25.