Update on La Maison shake-up

JULIE LANE PHOTO | La Maison Blanche will open Valentine’s Day with some changes in staff.

As reported, when La Maison Blanche reopens on Valentine’s Day there will be some changes.

Owner John Sieni will be running the inn and restaurant while partner Alistair MacLean —  although still listed as a partner on documents filed in Albany as well as on the liquor license —  is no longer working at La Maison Blanche, according to Mr. Sieni.

“As a majority owner in La Maison Blanche, I found it necessary to let Alistair go,” Mr. Sieni siad.

“I’m still involved in the business and I’m still a member of the business,” Mr. MacLean said, responding to Mr. Sieni’s statement about having fired him from La Maison Blanche.

“It’s the law according to New York State, not John Sieni,” Mr. MacLean said, reiterating his earlier statement that he remains a partner and his name continues to be on the liquor license for La Maison Blanche’s operation.

The two men are involved in litigation, but haven’t made the details of that litigation public.

Award-winning chef Charles Le Tus, who Mr. MacLean said had left La Maison Blanche, remains as a consultant to the Shelter Island restaurant. Mr. Le Tus is opening a new Manhattan restaurant, Charlemagne, according to Mr. Sieni.

“We are looking forward to an amazing season working with all of the Island businesses as a team to make Islanders and visitors feel welcome,” Mr. Sieni said.

The restaurant will be open from Thursdays through Sundays, 5 to 9 p.m. for dinner with a Happy Hour at the bar will start at 5 p.m. where a separate bar menu will be offered.

The Valentine’s Day prix fixe dinner, including a glass of champagne, will be priced at $40 per person.