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02/19/19 10:00am

The 2018 winners of the wedding contest, U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant Trenton Todd Zanow and U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jennifer Lynn Lenzi, celebrated their wedding on Veterans Day in Greenport.

Veterans or current member of the U.S. military who are looking to marry the man or woman of their dreams can now enter the ninth annual “Veterans Day Wedding Giveback.” (more…)

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01/25/19 10:00am

Thai curry is a surprisingly easy and quick meal to make and warm up during the winter months.

For New York City it’s Chinese food and for the North Fork it’s pizza, but for the tiny hippie town I grew up in on the Big Island of Hawaii, Thai food was the go-to take out dinner.


01/17/19 4:30pm


Sylvester Manor’s 2019 concert season kick starts with an evening of world-class bluegrass music featuring the Slocan Ramblers at the Shelter Island School auditorium on Saturday, January 19, at 7:30 p.m.; doors open at 7.

The Reporter caught up with Frank Evans, the Ramblers’ lead singer and banjo player, to talk bluegrass, banjos and the (declining) difference between Canadian and American bluegrass. 


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12/28/18 8:00am

Happy and hungry cows follow temporary fence lines into a new pasture to feed on fresh, nutrient-rich grass.

Over the next several days, leading to the New Year, the Reporter will be posting our annual Year In Review series of important stories from 2018.

Agriculturally speaking, Sylvester Manor hit the bull’s eye this summer when the cows came home to beef up in order to become cash cows. Thanks to the manor’s utterly delicious grass, they became the cream of the crop. The community came out to steer the cows between pastures because the grass really is greener on the other side. (more…)

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12/21/18 4:30pm


Have a winter cough keeping you up at night? Vicks VapoRub ­— on your feet — will settle it down.

New Year’s Eve champagne lost its bubbles? Drop in a raisin and they’ll magically return. (more…)