09/25/19 4:45pm

The library is celebrating Banned Books Week.

Unless you’re reading “Fahrenheit 451,” the days of book burning — and banning — seem to be a thing of the past. But today, with books still being challenged and banned from schools and stores, Banned Books Week is celebrating the freedom to read nationwide and at the Shelter Island Library. Spanning from Sept. 22 to 28, the theme of this year’s event proclaims “Censorship Leaves Us in the Dark,” urging everyone to “Keep the Light On.”


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09/14/19 8:00am

Milky white pendant flowers.

Okay, Newbies, just checking. You did do your final feeding a few weeks ago, yes? Good. Now is the time not to feed, to allow each plant to do that which comes naturally to them, that is, to begin to become dormant, to ready themselves for the winter. (more…)

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09/10/19 4:30pm

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Some fitness classes promote “no sweat exercise” as a selling point while others want to convince participants that dripping with sweat is somehow magical.

However, the degree with which a person perspires has less to do with the efficacy of the exercise routine and more to do with the temperature of the environment and the body’s ability to cool itself. Sitting perfectly still in a sauna can produce buckets of sweat, whereas going for a run in a T-shirt in frigid temps might not result in any perspiration. (more…)

09/06/19 10:00am

Clam chowder made from Melva Sherman’s recipe.

On the East End of Long Island, people have been opening clams and eating them for a very long time, starting with native Americans who left piles of clamshells behind to attest to their enthusiasm. The Shelter Island Historical Society has a letter written in 1820 by Sylvester Dering describing the discovery of a large number of clam shells found while digging a well- 40 feet down, suggesting some very old archaeological evidence of clam consumption.