Tuesday’s Town Board work session report

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island Town Hall.

At Tuesday’s Town Board work session, members  discussed an application from Van Wormer International, a German production company with offices in Poughkeepsie, New York and Florida, to film here for several days beginning May 22.

The company wants to use locations in the Heights, Ram Island Drive and use the Hay Beach Parking lot. Councilman Ed Brown suggested forming a working committee of himself, Councilman Peter Reich, Chief Jim Read and Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr. to meet later this week to expedite the request. Chief Read said this was the first he’d heard of the application, adding, “I don’t know what the rush is.”

Mr. Brown noted time was short and the company deserved an answer.

The board tuned to its ongoing discussion of its watershed management plan. Last September there was a review of existing conditions, laws and practices. Now the board is looking to prioritize recommendations to improve conditions. With a plan in place and recommendations made, the funding process can begin.

Mr. Card gave a report on the fencing project at Crescent Beach, severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Two bids were received to fix the fence, which runs about 675 feet, with the low bid to complete the project at about $35,000.

Using FEMA funds, the town would be on the hook for only 10 percent or less of the cost.

A discussion ensued on where the money would be found, and where the refunded money would be deposited. Most members and Mr. Card agreed the buildings fund would supply the town’s share and the FEMA refund would go into the general fund.

Chief Read weighed in on where the money would go, and Mr. Brown interrupted him, saying, “Chief, we’re not making a decision today.”

After members decided to look into the matter further, Mr. Brown said, “Just get it approved by Chief Read,” which produced laughter.

The chief came back saying, “You missed my point. If you want to argue about it, I’m willing to do it.”

“Let’s rock,” Mr. Brown said.

“Scolding me is not answering the question,” the chief said.

“Sitting in the back taking shots isn’t either,” Mr. Brown said.

Chief Read said he wasn’t taking shots, just seeking clarification, and the board moved on to other business.

Bids have been received for buying and installing emergency generators in the Justice Court, the police headquarters and Town Hall, and moving the current generator at police headquarters to the American Legion Hall. The cost will be about $113,000 and FEMA will pick up 75 percent of the cost, Mr. Card said.