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Deer & Tick poll results

REPORTER FILE PHOTO| About 86 percent of voters who took the Reporter's online poll favored continuing the 4-poster program.
JIM COLLIGAN PHOTO | About 75 percent of voters who took the Reporter’s online poll favored continuing the 4-poster program.

The results are in for the Reporter’s online Deer & Tick poll, conducted from late Friday afternoon to early Tuesday morning.

Readers cast 328 votes in an admittedly unscientific poll.

In the biggest spreads between voters, about 75 percent  favored the continuation of the  4-poster program, which is a series of feeding stands that brush deer with a chemical, permetherin that kills ticks. And 86 percent of voters were for funding the program  through property tax allocations with state and/or federal grants.

Funding the program through a bond issue garnered only 14 percent of votes cast.

Solving the problem of funding broke down with about 53 percent in favor of putting the issue on a public referendum, and  47 percent believing a referendum is a bad idea.

As for methods to manage the deer herd, 58  percent were in favor of employing federal sharpshooters to cull the herd, deer contraception attracted 30 percent of voters, and 12 percent favored deer sterilization.