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Take the Reporter water survey

Reporter water study

We’re asking Islanders to take a survey to achieve an understanding of Shelter Islander’s knowledge of water quality and willingness to change to a different water supply.

The survey is in conjunction with research conducted by Anastasia Yankopoulos, a senior at Hofstra University, aiming to determine if Shelter Island would be better suited with providing water through desalination technology than it’s current method of obtaining clean drinking water.

Desalination plants have become commonplace in states like California and Texas where the climate is dry dry and droughts are frequent. Recently, however, the northeast has seen a small spike in desalination proposals and actualization in certain places. Cape May, New Jersey, has the most successful desalination plant in the northeast. It’s capable of providing clean water to year round residents, as well as the large tourist population that flocks to Cape May in the summers.

The two other desalination plants in the northeast are in Massachusetts, but serve much smaller communities, and no tourist populations. Desalination technology can be expensive, but there are federal and state grants available to communities seeking help with a poor water supply. Desalination plants can provide clean water year-round and at any rate necessary.

Individuals taking this voluntary survey may stop participating at any point. If the survey is published, all participants will be “de-identified.” Any information regarding individuals will be safeguarded in a protected place, only accessible by the researcher.

Please take the survey below:

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