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AT&T Wireless service out on Island



Attention AT&T Wireless customers: You’re not alone if you’re experiencing problems with your cellphone service.

A number of AT&T Wireless customers have said they have had no service on Shelter Island and in some parts of East Hampton since late Monday afternoon.

The Reporter learned from an AT&T customer who was finally able to use a land line to reach her carrier that the antenna that picks up signals at the Recycling Center is down and the company predicts service will be restored to wireless AT&T customers by midnight Friday if not sooner.

Customers who have been without AT&T service since Monday evening can request a credit to their accounts for the time they have not had service. There have been no reports from customers of other wireless services losing power this week.

Online, AT&T has an outage map, but all it indicates is that service is problematic in several states, including New York, but doesn’t spotlight where.

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