What is that?


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Young William Marshall was first on his block — and the Island — to identify the solar-powered Radar/Speed sign (we took liberties and presented only the back of the sign) on New York Avenue (see below).

Councilman Jim Colligan weighed in correctly on our website along with Cynthia Michalak.

Towney Montant, Kim Schramm-Cannon and Christopher Stone commented correctly on Facebook.

Several people thought it might be on St. Mary’s Road, rather than New York Avenue. Ed Mullins, who stopped in the office, said it took some study, but he detected a particular angle of the trees that solved the mystery for him.

And Tom Speeches really located it, writing the sign “is just before Sue Brock’s old house, on the right side going into the Heights. Slow down folks!”

According to Police Chief Jim Read, the town owns two of the Radar/Speed signs, which are on St. Mary’s Road. Chief Read said that Shelter Island Heights Property Owners Association “also purchased two of the signs on a shared public–private pricing effort.”

Asked if the signs are slowing people down, the chief said it’s “too early to determine the effectiveness since they were installed in September and we do not have comparison data.”