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Shelter Island hikers beware: Some trails closed for shotgun hunting season

The shotgun recreational hunting season began Sunday and hikers are advised to avoid the following town-managed properties: the Old Lima Bean Fields; Mildred Hird Preserves, both east and west; and the Dressel Preserve.

In January, Mashomack Preserve is only open on weekends to allow for hunting during the week. The Preserve is closed on Tuesdays in February and March. Sylvester Manor allows shotgun hunting and is closed to hikers from January through March.

There may be private properties where shotgun hunting is allowed and while those are generally closed to hikers, some people tend to enter those properties as well and should avoid those areas during the hunting season.

During the following months of February and March, there will be specially licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers (NWCOs) hunts where trails will be closed to the public.