Vendor of the week at the Havens Farmers Market: Mushroom.NYC

Scrumptious mushrooms will  be available at the Havens Farmers Market tomorrow.

 Mushroom.NYC is the Vendor of the Week.

Anne Apparu-Hall grew up in Corsica, where there is a strong culture of foraging mushrooms. She and her partner Ted Hall started Mushroom.NYC in Brooklyn after meeting a mushroom grower at their community garden.

With the shutdown of restaurants and markets in the city, Anne and Ted began growing mushrooms full of unique flavors and textures on the North Fork. Anne say they are nutrient-rich and medicinal, but also delicious. Come see them and other vendors from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the History Center on South Ferry Road.

Tom, Lisa, and Doug will also be playing live music at the Market tomorrow,

And don’t forget to bring your compost. Drop it off with Island Time Farm this week.

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