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Wastewater treatment system on Town Board agenda for Tuesday: Public can attend, Zoom or watch on YouTube

When the Town Board convenes its work session Tuesday, it could be peppered with questions from Manwaring Road neighbors concerned about the impact on their private wells.

A week ago, the town’s consultant, Pio Lombardo of Lombardo Associates, outlined an updated report he said showed there would be no effect on wells at Sylvester Manor farmland or on private wells between the proposed treatment system on Manwaring Road and along the route to Gardiners Creek. Nor would there be any significant impact on the creek.

At most, the runoff would amount to what would result from a single house with a nitrogen-reducing I/A system.

Sylvester Manor’s engineers are studying the updated report, according to Director of Operations Tracy McCarthy. She anticipated the Manor would be represented at Tuesday’s discussion.

Neighbors indicated they’ve spoken with Kristian Clark, operator of White Oak Farm and Gardens about the impact construction of the central system could have on his business.

He hasn’t responded to a request for comment. But neighbors said if the road needs to be torn up to install piping from the Center to the Manwaring site, it could interfere with his operation at the corner of Route 114 and Manwaring Road.

That would be a new issue not previously addressed.

The work session is at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Town Hall and also via Zoom, which would allow those attending virtually to comment. The meeting can also be streamed on the town’s YouTube page, but that won’t provide access to comment or pose questions.