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Shelter Island Reporter Letter to the Editor: April 12, 2024

Hosting Bucks

To the Editor:

My wife Linda and I have had the pleasure of spending part of our summers for the past 8-to-10 years with members of the Shelter Island Bucks team.

They resided with us for six or so weeks each June and July (a bit longer if they made the playoffs). In the earlier years we would host one player and in recent years two. The experience was always great.

We enjoyed getting to know young men and many times their families, from all parts of the country. We still keep in touch with a number of them. It has been wonderful to have my children and grandchildren exposed to people from other places and backgrounds.

Unfortunately, this year it appears that our family situation may preclude our ability to enjoy this great experience, but I would urge any of you that are able, to become a host family. The sad reality is that without enough families willing to open their homes to these young men, the Bucks may become an endangered species.

For more information, contact Brian Cass at [email protected]; Frank Vecchio at [email protected]; or David Austin at [email protected].

JAMES & LINDA EKLUND, Shelter Island