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James Bornemeier

07/29/19 10:00am

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The plan was for an early dinner, then an HBO special on Neil Armstrong. The sometime temperamental cable box wouldn’t cooperate so we searched out “The Right Stuff” for a robust substitute as a moon-landing memorial. It starts out great and every scene that Sam Shepard is in is worth the time gazing at the TV screen.

07/01/19 2:00pm

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A recent census of squirrels in Central Park tabulated 24,000.

Along with pigeons, I’m guessing that squirrels are probably the most noticed wild animal species in Manhattan. On the Upper East Side, where we have an apartment, dogs, usually gathered in packs of five to seven and led by a human walker, are the biggest domesticated species and they are everywhere, all day long.

And then there are the rats. (more…)

05/05/19 3:00pm


I was delighted last year to learn that our 12-year-old grandson was taking up the flute and participating in an acting workshop in anticipation of joining the cast for annual school play. I didn’t pretend that these decisions would be harbingers of an artist’s life, but they seemed like a step in the direction of putting an individual stamp on his personality. (more…)