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01/29/19 10:00am

Jeffrey Davoli from AVZ brought good news to the Town Board at the January 23 work session, announcing that the latest audit shows the town in good fiscal health.

“The town is being operated under fiscally responsible means.”

That’s the single sentence summary CPA Jeffrey Davoli gave to the Town Board at last week’s work session, after outlining the audit of accounts for 2017. (more…)

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01/18/19 2:00pm


The human element
To the Editor:
In reading the article in the January 10 Reporter (“Island mostly unaffected by fed shutdown – so far”), I noted a critical absence of any reference to the degree to which the Island’s residents have been and will likely be impacted. (more…)

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01/04/19 4:27pm

A Shelter Island trail.

Attention, hikers!

It’s the season when shotguns become the firearms of choice for some hunters and several town-managed properties are opened to them in an effort to step up the recreational hunt that continues through the end of January. (more…)

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01/04/19 8:00am


The vote may not be official because of a lack of a quorum, but three members present at Wednesday morning’s Deer & Tick meeting voted to pay Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers (NWCO) for their licenses and insurance if they participate in the February and March hunt on the Island. (more…)