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09/13/19 12:00pm


Not a quitter
To the Editor:
In response to the profile of my daughter, Aterahme Lawrence (“A long way travelled in a very short time,” Sept. 5):

Family and friends always say to me, “If I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t know that you struggle financially.” I give/gave my children all of me and 1,000%. (more…)

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09/06/19 4:30pm

Aterahme Lawrence at The Islander.

Growing up in Greenport and Shelter Island, Aterahme Lawrence dreamed of beauty pageants, acting and singing, but had little reason to think those dreams could come true. When she describes the poverty, drug use, violence and abuse of her chaotic home life, and the fact that no one in her immediate family had ever been to college, her life today seems incredible. (more…)

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07/29/19 4:30pm

Shelter Island’s own Aterahme Lawrence is a finalist in the Miss New York competition, in which the winner will move forward to the Miss USA pageant.

Aterahme Lawrence, who not so long ago was an outstanding volleyball player for Shelter Island High School, has finished college and aims to bring more glory to the town she loves as a finalist in the Miss New York pageant. (more…)