11/02/19 11:00am

Gardiners Island

I’ve been giving presentations about Gardiners Island at the East Hampton Library, Southampton History Museum and last week at the Suffolk County Historical Society Museum.

Part of the talk involves the pirate Captain Kidd, who in 1699 famously buried treasure on Gardiners Island, which is east of Shelter Island. Years ago, for a TV shoot on the privately held island that’s been in the Gardiner family for nearly 400 years, Robert David Lion Gardiner, its “16th Lord of the Manor,” brought me to the spot where the treasure had been buried. (more…)

10/28/16 8:00am
ANNETTE HINKLE PHOTO | Shelter Island's Sylvester Manor

ANNETTE HINKLE PHOTO | Shelter Island’s Sylvester Manor.


She had just started working at Sylvester Manor as a housekeeper, now almost 40 years ago, when Rose Wissemann came in touch with something one afternoon that still haunts her.

She recently recalled that unforgettable day when she had been doing some work in one of the smaller houses on the Manor grounds. As suddenly as a shadow shifts across a floor, an unsettling feeling stole over her. It was a sense that even though she was alone in the place, something — someone? — was with her. She stood still in the room. More than one presence, in some kind of terrible distress, was very near. (more…)

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10/29/15 4:30pm
JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | A mysterious visitor seen walking down by the creek at the Manor.

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | A mysterious visitor seen walking down by the creek at the Manor.

Sylvester Manor’s history and ghost stories will converge this Halloween for its Mysteries of the Manor tour.

On Saturday, October 31 from 1 to 4 p.m., the Manor will host ghost tours and take visitors on a haunted hayride of the farm. Sylvester Manor has more than just rumors of ghosts, they have actual documentation of ghostly occurrences dating back hundreds of years. (more…)