07/26/19 2:00pm

Kerry Kearney.

Slide blues guitar master Kerry Kearney and the Unsung Heroes kick off Sylvester Manor Educational Farm’s 2019 concert series with the first of two summer shows down by Gardiners Creek on Sunday, July 28, at 5 p.m.; doors open at 4 p.m. WPKN’s Bill Nolan cites Kearney’s guitar and dobro playing as one of the contributing factors to global warming, and Bonnie Grice says “With the blues, Kerry Kearney promises and delivers everything from the slow burn to the high wire.”


09/18/17 12:00pm
COURTESY PHOTO | Maggie Davis leading a fitness class in the park.

COURTESY PHOTO | Maggie Davis leading a fitness class in the park.

Traditionally, we think of exercise as something we do to improve our cardiovascular health, strengthen our muscles and maybe help us shed a few pounds. Although all of these are just a few of the many life-extending benefits of exercise, some of the most important and recently discovered benefits are for the brain. I’ve often contended that if employers knew about the increased productivity associated with exercise not only would they provide the time and space for fitness — they would mandate it. And if schools were aware of the improved memories, problem solving skills and test scores of students who participate in fitness classes, there would be fewer cuts to school gym programs.  (more…)