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04/15/19 4:30pm

COURTESY PHOTO Moving in for the kill.

Earlier today I made calls from Florida to my East End fishing sources.

With the exception of a report of small bass being caught in some of the creeks on the south shore and a very occasional flounder being taken, there still isn’t much going on right now.

It’s hard to believe it’s really spring in Florida, but with clear days, temps in the high 80s and stiff breezes I know it is true. Spring here is the time when all the wild animals are having babies and all the birds are on their nests. We have a hen mallard duck on a nest of eight eggs in the low bushes separating our driveway from a neighbor’s; there are bunnies running all over the place; frogs are singing love songs in our adjoining pond through the night; and alligators are enticing mates with bellowing grunts.

I haven’t seen a poisonous snake this year, but other dangers still exist. (more…)

04/14/19 8:00am

Shelter Island School students put the gardens ‘to bed’ last fall.

Students get lesson in community gardening

Draw an orange chard. A what? Shelter Island School’s 4th graders, like most of the adults in the room at Shelter Island Library, had no idea what an orange chard might look like. But the intrepid 4th graders used their imagination and came up with everything from a pumpkin to a carrot and lots of interpretations beyond expectation.


08/16/18 4:30pm
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Sweet corn is here, and you know what to do

Sweet corn ice cream.

Sweet corn is here, and you know what to do.

The best sweet corn of the season is coming in now.  This is stuff you can eat raw, a practice I observed at Sep’s farm stand when one employee was so overcome by the creamy beauty of the ears she was selling, that she shucked an ear and ate it one-handed, while making change with the other hand.


11/11/16 12:36pm
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | The practicalities of repaving the Island's roads is a subject the Town Board is debating.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | The practicalities of repaving the Island’s roads is a subject the Town Board is debating.

The Town Board has concluded the least stressful budget season in several years. The board scrutinized every line in Supervisor Jim Dougherty’s proposed budget and came up with a generally responsible spending plan for 2017.

But there are two areas — one that needs attention before the November 18 budget is solidified, and the second, which the supervisor promises will be addressed after the dust has settled on next year’s spending. (more…)