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12/07/18 8:00am

Fire District Commissioner Andy Reeve (left) discusses the application with attorney John Coughlin Wednesday night in advance of the ZBA approving a variance and special permit that allow the project to go forward.

The Zoning Board of Appeals removed the final hurdle Wednesday night enabling the Shelter Island Fire District, Elite Towers and Verizon to move forward with its plan for a 120-foot cell tower at the Manhanset Firehouse on Cobbetts Lane.


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12/05/18 2:00pm

Commissioner Andy Reeve, waiting for Tuesday’s Town Board vote that approved installation of a cell tower at the Manhanset Firehouse.


After four years of intense debate and negotiation, the proposed 120-foot cell tower on the grounds of the Manhanset Firehouse on Cobbetts Lane passed muster with the Town Board Tuesday.

The vote was 4-0, with Councilwoman Amber Brach-Williams abstaining because she is secretary-treasurer of the Fire District, creating a potential conflict of interest. (more…)

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10/18/18 6:00am

Shelter Island Center Firehouse

They called it a public hearing, but nobody came to hear what Shelter Island Fire Commissioners have decided on for spending in the 2019 fiscal year.

With no public comments, the commissioners agreed on a spending plan of $936,910 of which $895,710 would be raised from real estate taxes. The balance comes from interest income and money paid by the Village of Dering Harbor for fire protection. (more…)

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10/08/18 1:55pm
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Tests were conducted last year at the Manhanset Firehouse to determine the necessary height and exact placement for a proposed cell tower.

Tests were conducted last year at the Manhanset Firehouse to determine the necessary height and exact placement for a proposed cell tower.

The Town Board will try to expedite another hearing on the proposed cell tower at the Manhanset Firehouse with the expectation that Elite Towers could start work on construction of the new tower relatively soon.

The most vocal opponent was David Harms whose property is right behind the firehouse and his concerns about noise have been addressed, according to the Town Board.

The major reason for the effort to push ahead quickly is the Fire Commissioners concern about safety since firefighters have said the experience dropped communications in Hay Beach and the Rams sometimes making it difficult to call for backup assistance when needed.

Hearing notices

“Don’t fix something that’s not broken,” said Councilman Jim Colligan at last week’s Town Board work session. He was referring to a discussion about giving more notice to the public about hearings — something the Town Board had already agreed would be allowed for the Zoning Board of Appeals that will now give neighbors 30 days notice, not 10, of a public hearing.

But the Planning Board, Conservation Advisory Board, Waterways Management Advisory Committee, Water Quality Improvement Projects Advisory Board and even the Town Board that holds public hearings will stick with the current 10 day notice.

The decision came after Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar told the Town Board last week that she has heard no complaints from people, nor have any of the other boards asked for more time between  noticing the public and holding a hearing.

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