10/05/19 11:00am

A Franklin tree blossom.

Latin Name: Franklinia alatamaha

Location: Though I’ve long been aware of this fabled tree and often fantasized about growing one, I had never seen an actual specimen until I visited James Marshall and Adam Bundy’s wonderful, labrynthine garden several weeks ago. As far as I know, theirs are the only Franklin trees on the Island. If you grow one, let me know. 


07/13/19 11:00am

Locust leaves.

Latin Name: Robinia pseudoacacia

Locations: Everywhere! 

Tree stats: Black locust is native to Pennsylvania and Iowa and south from Georgia to Oklahoma. This fast-growing but relatively short-lived tree usually tops out at 50 feet and spans 25 feet wide. Over time, the trunk and older branches develop a thick, furrowed bark in handsome contrast to the delicacy of the tree’s pale green, oval-shaped leaves. In June, black locusts are resplendent with clusters of white, fragrant flowers.


07/28/17 3:28pm
COURTESY PHOTO Reverend Stephen M. Fearing

COURTESY PHOTO  |  Reverend Stephen M. Fearing

This Sunday, Union Chapel welcomes guest preacher Reverend Stephen Fearing, pastor of Shelter Island Presbyterian Church. His sermon is titled, “Saying No to Scripture.” (more…)

Featured Story
06/07/15 3:00pm


For 20 years — from 1963 to 1983 — Shelter Island weekender Barbara Horgan was the personal assistant to George Balanchine, one of the 20th century’s most prolific and influential choreographers. (more…)