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10/24/19 4:30pm


Editor’s note: As stated in our Sept. 12 edition, no political letters or OpEd pieces will be published for the Oct. 31 edition.

Misuse of tax $$
To the Editor:
Upon reading the Oct. 10 article, “Private preschool seeks public funds,” I had to sit back and wonder why our tax dollars should be funding a private preschool, not once but a second time. (more…)

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09/24/19 10:00am


If voters in October approve the Shelter Island Public Library budget for next year, each can expect to be assessed an additional $5 for 2020 if they own property valued at $800,000. Those with more expensive property can expect to pay a bit more while those with less expensive property would pay less.

That’s the word from Library Director Terry Lucas and Treasurer Bill Martens, based on information provided to them by town assessors. That’s actually less than the increase voters approved a year ago for the current budget when whey saw an approximate $6.40 increase in their taxes to support the library. (more…)

04/18/19 2:00pm

The Earth Week full moon walk at Mashomack Preserve will take place on Friday, April 19.

Activities and events on Shelter Island.


03/28/19 2:00pm

The Shelter Island High School Drama Club presents ‘The Addams Family’ on April 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Activities and events on Shelter Island.


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