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09/13/19 2:00pm

Bob Edwards, now living in Houston, paid a visit to his friend, Jean Brechter, at her home here last month. The two were summer kids together for many years.

Once toddlers together, old friends Bob Edwards and Jean (née Schultheis) Brechter united at Ms. Brechter’s home here for a visit last month.

Mr. Edwards, now living in Houston, said he was told the first visit the two ever made to Shelter Island was in their mothers’ wombs in 1927. (more…)

07/05/19 2:00pm

The colorful Aviation cocktail at SALT.

After a summer that took a while to launch, with a cold, rainy spring that overstayed its welcome, we have reached the 4th of July week, when weekends stretch into weeks of vacation time and relaxation begins to sink in. What better way to segue from a sunny beach day to a soft summer evening than a visit to one of our local establishments to wind down? We live in a resort town, after all, so why not savor their best hospitality? Pull up a barstool for yourself, and one for a friend. Feeling like you have all the time in the world, let an expert prepare you a libation that takes some careful curating – or shaking, or stirring.


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02/14/19 8:00am


In 2017, when the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service needed live-in caretakers for a rocky, windy island off Australia’s southern coast, it limited the search to couples who could demonstrate that they had spent a lot of time together in a remote place, on the theory that such couples know a thing or two about getting along, and depending on each other.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife should set up a recruiting table in the IGA parking lot.

What happens to a couple in a place you can’t leave after midnight? For Valentine’s Day, the Reporter asked four Island partners what Shelter Island has meant for their relationship, for better or worse. (more…)

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06/08/18 4:30pm


Okay visitors — and year-rounders with faulty memories — here’s the skinny for those in bikinis. (more…)

08/15/16 10:00am
How much do you know about the streets and roads of the Island?

How much do you know about the streets and roads of the Island?

A quiet thoroughfare connecting West Neck Road to Stearns Point Road, the roots of Behringer Lane have historical ties to several Island institutions.

According to primary documents from the Shelter Island Historical Society (SIHS), the name “Behringer” refers to Louie Behringer. (more…)