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04/29/19 2:00pm


Without a quorum, the Community Housing Board (CHB) could not choose a new chairperson Thursday night. But three members — Mike Bebon, Chris DiOrio and Ed Katta — were able to outline a number of issues on the CHB’s agenda that need attention. These include appointing a new member to replace Mary-Faith Westervelt and a project manager to guide the development of affordable rental units on the Island. (more…)

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03/27/19 2:00pm

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Mary-Faith Westervelt

In a surprise move, Mary-Faith Westervelt has resigned from the Community Housing Board (CHB).

The announcement came in a letter to the Town Board announced on Friday.

Ms. Westervelt is leaving the board because of what she termed a possible conflict of interest. (more…)

03/11/19 10:00am

Community Housing Board Chairwoman Mary-Faith Westervelt

The Democrats were first out of the gate for the 2019 election, naming former Supervisor Gerry Siller as the party’s challenger to incumbent Republican Gary Gerth, and Michael Bebon for a Town Board seat. Councilman Jim Colligan will also run for another term on the Democratic line. (more…)

12/22/18 8:00am

JULIE LANE PHOTO Codger triumphant after the Shelter Island 5K.

Cranking up for the approach of Christmas and the New Year, which sometimes can seem like an onrushing caravan of desperate cheer, Codger has been replaying the joyful buzz of a terrific Thanksgiving — 16 people! Five days! Youngest grandchild wins a Turkey Plunge prize in a squid costume! — until a pit bull squeezed under a fence and attacked Cur II. (more…)