10/04/19 4:15pm

It’s time for hot, and chilled, apple cider on the East End.

At this time of year, I determinedly avert my eyes from the growing collections of orange orbs beckoning from nearby farms. Just days into October, I’m not ready to surrender to the call of the pumpkin.


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10/01/19 10:00am

The Shelter Island volleyball team. Front row, from left, Jennifer Lupo, Maria Carbajal, Lyng Coyne and Abby Kotula. Rear, from left, Amelia Clark, Lauren Gurney, Amelia Reiter, Audrey Wood, Jane Richards, Dayla Reyes, Valeria Reyes and Coach Cindy Belt.

With three league matches in five days, hard on the heels of a tournament, the Shelter Island volleyball team has been on fast forward. It was also a very successful week. (more…)

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09/11/19 8:00am

The boys and girls cross country teams. Foreground, Madison Springer. Front row, from left, Daria Kolmogorova, Olivia Overstreet, Sophie Clark, Emma Gallagher, Kaitlyn Gulluscio, Michael Hand, Tyler Gulluscio and Jaxson Rylott. Back row, from left, Daniel Schulteis, Ariana Carter, Brandon Velasquez, Nicholas Mamisashvili, Theo Olinkiewicz, Jalill Carter, Pacey Cronin, Kal Lewis, Alberto Morales, Jason Green and Jonas Kinsey. Not pictured: Jennifer Fabian Santos and Domingo Gil.

On Tuesday, September 10, the Shelter Island varsity boys and girls cross country teams hosted Mattituck in their first league meet at the Shelter Island Country Club on Goat Hill. (more…)

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05/22/19 12:00pm

The 2019 Shelter Island School junior varsity softball team. From left, front row, Kathy Ramos, Bella Springer and Myla Doughtery. Back row, from left, Mary Gennari, Kaitlyn Gulluscio, Jaime Lenzer, Angelina Rice, Jane Richards, Lydia Shepherd, Izzy Fonseca, Valeria Reyes, Isabelle Topliff, Dayla Reyes, Lily Page and Sophie Clark.

While the rain and cool weather made much of May feel like March, the Shelter Island junior varsity girls softball team wrapped up their season on a warming trend. (more…)

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03/19/19 10:00am


Spring — each week we look forward to warmer weather and putting winter behind us. And the battle goes on, with a few warmer days here and there, peppered with colder days as winter tries to hold on.

They say March comes in like a lion, and during the first couple weeks of varsity spring track we have had our share of March winds to contend with as we train outdoors. (more…)