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03/25/19 10:00am


The nation’s 34th president and World War II general Dwight David Eisenhower died at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center  in Washington D.C. of congestive heart failure at age 78.

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters was formed in Boston.

The United States launched Mariner 7 that flew 2,190 miles above southern Mars.

The Soviets launched the Meteor 1 weather satellite.

Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel, “Slaughterhouse Five,” was published and is considered one of the greatest anti-war novels.

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02/25/19 12:00pm


Hafiz al-Assad became the head of Syria by way of a military coup and his son, Bashar al-Assad, leads the country today.

Major league baseball got its first pension plan through collective bargaining.

Actor Robert Sean Leonard, known for roles in the television series “House” and the film “Dead Poets Society,” was born in Westwood, New Jersey.

American singer/songwriter Pat Monahan, lead singer of Train, was born in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The average price of new car was $3,270 and gasoline was averaging 35 cents a gallon.

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02/11/19 12:00pm


Golda Meir was sworn in as the first female prime minister of Israel.

“Cloud Nine,” the ninth studio album by The Temptations, was released and would go on that year to win a Grammy as the Best Rhythm and Blues Performance by a Duo or Group and would become the Billboard Album of the Year.

Crime boss Vito Genovese died at age 71 at  the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri.

Country singer Tammy Wynette wed musician George Jones. The marriage ended in divorce in 1975.

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10/22/18 10:00am


The United States men’s basketball team beat Yugoslavia 65-50 to win the gold medal at the Mexico City Olympics.

People in the United States were listening to the Beatles’ “Hey Jude.”

According to a report filed with the United States Air Force’s Project Blue Book, an employee at the Minot Air Force Base said a bright orange-red object had been sighted with follow up reports from a B-52 bomber crew of a similar sighting.

“The Case Against Congress” by Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson was a best seller

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04/23/18 8:00am


The rock musical “Hair” opened at the Biltmore Theater and ran for 1,750 performances with many of its songs becoming anthems for the anti-Vietnam War peace movement.

Students at Ohio State University seized the administration building to protest unfair treatment of Blacks, holding the building for five hours until they got concessions from the school vice president that were later repudiated by the college president.

Rock vocalist Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips was born in Los Angeles, California to former singer Marilyn Rovell of The Honeys and Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.

The United Methodist Church was formed with the union of The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church.

“The Odd Couple,” starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, was pulling audiences into movie theaters throughout the country.

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