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10/22/19 10:00am

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When Shelter Island volleyball teams play, two things can be counted on — they will play all out, and the other coach will make a comment on what nice kids they are and/or how much they hustle. Both were true for the Greenport/Southold matches on Oct. 17 and also at the Pierson tournament on Oct. 19. (more…)

10/21/19 2:00pm

This week Mr. Lomuscio discusses the importance of senior health awareness.

A great deal of the information that I’ve read about the aging process points to the mid-70s and beyond as the time we might develop challenging health conditions.


Featured Story
10/21/19 10:00am

Coach Cindy Belt

When the junior varsity team returned from their match at Wyandanch on Sept. 13, Coach Laura Mayo was not happy. Wyandanch only has a JV squad, has good servers and their athletes move well to play a ball. However, nine times out of 10, the ball comes directly back to the other team. This one-and-over style of play is more reminiscent of a junior high team, but it is undeniably off-putting to a team which is in tune with the pass, set, hit tempo of a more advanced style of play. To lose to a team that plays “picnic” volleyball is frustrating. With the rematch on Oct. 11, she had a different strategy, and Shelter Island came away with the win. (more…)