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12/06/19 12:00pm

Senator Ken LaValle (R-Port Jefferson

The competition for the 1st District seat in the state Senate is starting to heat up, as Democrats, newly in control of the state Senate, are lining up to challenge longtime Republican incumbent Ken LaValle of Port Jefferson in 2020. (more…)

12/06/19 10:00am

Shelter Island School’s eighth-grade class, the class of 2024, went to Florida with the Reporter from Nov. 4 through 8. While they were there, they participated in the Disney Youth Education Series entitled the Science of Disney Imagineering.

The Reporter has racked up its frequent flier miles this year as so many of our readers love to take it with them when they travel. If you’re hitting the road (or the sky) over the holidays, don’t forget to bring a copy with you and send it to us. 


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12/06/19 8:04am


Town Engineer John Cronin received word Wednesday from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services that his proposed remedy to end nitrate contamination of drinking water at Shelter Island Presbyterian Church has been accepted. (more…)