08/04/14 4:30pm
JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Elizabeth Weslek, 3, giving the brand new slide at the Tot Lot a whirl Monday afternoon.

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Elizabeth Weslek, 3, completing a full circuit of the brand new slide at the Tot Lot Monday afternoon.

Kids scrambling around a playground. Moms watching and occasionally calling out to some of the bolder boys to be careful. Pizza from the local restaurant. And a community pulling together to help the smallest among us have a safe and happy time on a sleepy summer afternoon.

The “Tot Lot,” the playground on School Street dedicated for small children, was back in action this week with a brand new slide, replacing one that was in such disrepair it had become dangerous. Besides the slide, more money was on the way to restore the park. And maybe most importantly, hope was in the air that the Tot Lot would be even better than before. (more…)

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To the Editor:

Now that we have begun to investigate the PSEG substation, we’re finding that there have been many discussions between the parties and there is an option that was presented to the Town Board early this year that seems to have been swept under the table for reasons unknown. (more…)