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05/07/19 4:30pm

A trophy-sized redfish, landed by our columnist on a cast in a Florida cove.

My old pal Jim Pampinella and I recently fished with a well known guide, Tony Fontano, in the Marco, Florida area looking for tarpon and if not them, snook, trout, jacks, redfish and whatever else came along.

We headed out to the Gulf, which started out flat calm toward a spot to net redfin bait for the tarpon. We only got a dozen and the Gulf had decided to get worked up a bit — not a good thing for Jim who has a sensitive stomach, so we went in for action along the sandy beaches. (more…)

Featured Story
05/07/18 4:30pm
COURTEY PHOTO A tarpon shadows our columnist’s boat.

COURTESY PHOTO A tarpon shadows our columnist’s boat.

Fish On has just returned from Florida where we enjoyed the best winter weather in years. And the worst fishing.

Hurricane Irma did a job on the southwest coast causing incredible damage in every direction in the Ft. Myers and Naples areas. The damage done to the rivers, bays and nearshore in the Gulf of Mexico was not as easy to see. Thousands of mangrove trees were uprooted and floated into deeper water causing obstructions.

The water in the bays and inlets was the color of cafe au lait so fishing was restricted to blind casting ”where they used to be.” (more…)