09/07/19 11:00am

Thomas Spotteck.

The Shelter Island Historical Society gave Islanders a taste of recent history with a presentation on Aug. 25 by winemaker Tom Spotteck, reviewing the history of Long Island wines. Although Long Island has supported strong farming traditions for centuries, the winemaking culture has flourished here only within the last few decades. Mr. Spotteck is the winemaker and oenologist at Lenz, owned by Peter and Deborah Carroll.


08/22/19 2:00pm

Looking for a family pet? ARF presents Tailgating, a cat and dog adoption event at the police station on Saturday, Aug. 24, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pictured is Hercules, with brothers Isaac and Ilan Pescowitz.



The Shelter Island History Center presents an Alan Shields Exhibit “Where Art Life Met Island Life,” open Thursdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. until Saturday, Sept. 21. 631-749-0025.


08/09/19 8:00am

Courtesy Photo
Over 75 people were at the Senior Citizen Center’s fundraiser at the Osprey Lounge last Friday to raise funds to purchase a new bus.

More than 75 people showed up to support the Senior Citizen Center’s fundraiser at the Osprey Lounge last Friday. The Center is raising money for a new bus to replace the existing one, which breaks down frequently, according to director Laurie Fanelli.


05/31/19 4:30pm

This week, I’m going to devote this space to beers, which have been welcome guests at Island barbecues and beach picnics over the past holiday weekend. There are times when a beer is the perfect drink, especially with grilled foods or cold seafood on a summer day. I knew for this topic I should not trust my limited knowledge, but turn to my brother-in-law Hank McManus, who has a more extensive batch of brain cells dedicated to brews than anyone I’ve ever met. In fact, for several years Hank wrote his own column on beer, for the newspaper “AM New York.”


05/03/19 4:30pm

The Reporter’s wine columnist prepares us for warn summer days with rosé.

Just saying the word “rosé” brings a smile to the lips, for it embodies the essence of summertime. These light, fruity but dry wines call to mind fresh, cool meals on a porch or picnic blanket. Although the wine is traditionally imported from the Provence section of France, the East End has come to the fore in producing delicious rosés.