04/30/17 11:00am


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04/30/17 8:00am


More than a decade has passed since Dan Rather parted company with his longtime employer, CBS, amidst a swirling storm of controversy and recriminations that led to a $70 million lawsuit and years of bad blood on both sides.

At the time of his departure, it was widely assumed that Rather would ease into a well-earned retirement. After all, he was 74 years old and, in a career that spanned five decades, had scaled the heights of broadcast journalism. What more did he have to prove? (more…)

04/29/17 3:00pm


JULIE LANE PHOTO In the name of safety, where a YIELD sign is currently painted on the roadway on the southern part of Waverly Place where it meets Grand Avenue, a stop sign is expected to be erected shortly.


I remember how important it was for me as a teenager to get a driver’s license. I appeared at the motor vehicle bureau on my 16th birthday, birth certificate in hand, to get my junior license learner’s permit.

Now, more than a half-century later, I find myself looking at those signs that tell us it’s time to stop driving.  (more…)

04/28/17 10:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | The author and chef's horseradish crackers.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | The author and chef’s horseradish crackers.

April is a difficult month for locavores. At a time when green shoots are coming up everywhere, and fruit trees are blooming, there is nothing green to eat, nor fruit to pick. The only edible things coming out of the earth in this season must be dug up, and that’s why horseradish is my subject. Planted in the spring, it grows all summer, fall and winter until a year later, it’s a root that looks like a shillelagh and acts like smelling salts.

Think of horseradish as Long Island mustard. (more…)