06/18/18 8:00am


Last week my dog Mabel found a starfish on a Shelter Island Beach. I measured, Googled and identified it as a knobby starfish, native to Malaysia.

It was so perfect, and so far from home that it either fell off a seashell truck or was left as a prank. (You got me!)

Mabel was in favor of eating it. (more…)

06/17/18 8:00am
Jo Ann kirkland PHOTO Dad John Quinn with his daughter — and our reporter — Halsey at the finish line of Saturday’s 10K.

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO John Quinn with his daughter — and our reporter — Halsey, at the finish line of the 2015 10K.

This story appeared in the June 25, 2015 issue of the Reporter

The 3-mile marker of the 36th annual Shelter Island 10K Run was a lot more than just a milestone, much more than a sigh of relief as I approached the halfway mark.

The white picket fence and green grass of the golf course, the rush of the race and the thud of sneakers on concrete were all familiar. For years I stood by that fence, handing out high-fives and words of encouragement to the racers, but I was always waiting for one person — my dad, John Quinn. (more…)