Maria's Kitchen opens where Greeny's used to be

Spring ushers in new beginnings and for Maria Schultheis, 36, that means launching her own business in the place where she last worked. Ms. Schultheis was right-hand assistant to former Greeny’s organic food shop owner Jen diPretoro.

After Ms. diPretoro in January closed the business on Jaspa Street, just off  Route 114, taking some of her wares to the Sag Harbor Farmers Market, “I asked myself: what am I going to do? I had to do something here,” she said, waving an arm to show off what is now Maria’s Kitchen.

“I’ve been dreaming this a long time,” she said. She arranged to rent the space in February.

While working days at the store for Ms. diPretoro, Ms. Schultheis spent evenings cleaning houses on Shelter Island to squirrel away some money for what she hoped would someday enable her to open her own restaurant. When Greeny’s closed, Ms. Schultheis kept up the housecleaning but still held onto her dream, she said.

She had enough money to pay three months’ rent and stock the restaurant. Encouraged by a friend, she decided this was the time to “go for it. It feels good to be running my own shop,” she said, speaking last Thursday, the day after her official opening.

The shop features wraps, soups, salads, green juices and smoothies and a wide array of Mexican favorites from Maria’s native country.

For the full story, see the April 12 edition of the Reporter.