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Former chief is now a fire commissioner

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Greg Sulahian at the Center Firehouse.
Greg Sulahian at the Center Firehouse.

Greg Sulahian, the man who a year ago said he was looking forward to being a “regular Joe firefighter” after more than two years as chief, is now a fire commissioner.

Mr. Sulahian was appointed by the Board of Fire Commissioners Monday night to replace Andy Steinmuller, who at 90 decided this spring to step down, although he’ll still be a member of the department.

Mr. Sulahian has been a Shelter Island firefighter since 1984, but spent years out west with the National Park Service fighting fires in California.

With notice of Mr. Steinmuller’s resignation, the commissioners wanted someone who would serve out his term that expires in December and seek a full term of his own.

It’s likely that will play out, but Mr. Sulahian said he wants to see how he likes the role in the months ahead before committing to a run for a full five-year term.

When he first became chief, Mr. Sulahian said he thought firefighting was “just in my blood.”

Since stepping down as chief in April 2017, Mr. Sulahian has remained an active department member.

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