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Town Board member tests positive for COVID: Alert issued for those at the Tuesday, Oct. 11 meeting

An unidentified member of the Town Board who participated in Tuesday’s work session has tested positive for COVID. 

Administrative Assistant Kristina Martin Majdisova issued an advisory that those in attendance at that meeting should assess their own exposure risk and take appropriate actions based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

In addition to Town Board members at the table, Town Attorney Stephen Kiely, Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar and Pio Lombardo of Lombardo Associates were at the table. Only Councilman Jim Colligan was not in the room, as he participated via Zoom.

The room was relatively full for the discussion of the Center wastewater project.

The CDC advises those who were in a room for a meeting assess their own circumstances for infection. Tuesday’s meeting was three hours long.

They need to be alert to signs of COVID-19, including coughs, fever, difficulty breathing and should isolate and arrange to get tested.

The CDC advises the chance of transmission increases for those relatively close to an infected person for 15 minutes or longer.

If the infected person and others in the room had been wearing N95 or other quality masks, the chance of transmission could have been decreased.

None of the people at the Board table were wearing masks, and few if any in the room appeared to be wearing masks in what is a relatively small room, which was heavily populated that day.

Further information on exposure and steps to be considered can be found at the following website.