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09/06/19 6:14am


Over the past several weeks, two letters from Julia Weisenberg and one from Marcus Kassik didn’t have  accompanying editor’s notes that they are running for Town Council seats on the Republican line this November.

Also, in a story on the political races published yesterday, Councilman Jim Colligan’s name didn’t appear.

The Reporter regrets these errors of omission.


09/02/19 3:00pm

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Maybe it’s something in the air — it definitely was early in the week when it was cool and sunny — or maybe it’s in the way kids seem to be walking a bit more slowly, lost in thoughts. Or maybe it’s just imagination taking over, willing a change of season, even though the calendar says summer will be around for another month. (more…)

08/19/19 12:00pm


From 2006 to 2012, manufacturers shipped 76 billion opioid pills to pharmacies nationwide. More than 3.3 billion were shipped to New York State during that period. Of that total, 345 million pills were sent to Suffolk County. (more…)

08/08/19 8:00am


The sound bites from early morning news shows on Sunday seemed odd at first. The mayor of Dayton, Ohio, could be seen speaking, confirming the gruesome details of a deadly shooting that left multiple people dead.

But wasn’t the shooting in El Paso, Texas? Why was Dayton trending on Twitter?

Then reality quickly set in. (more…)