10/23/19 4:30pm

School Superintendent Brian Doelger

A mandate from the State Education Department for a social/emotional curriculum is being greeted with enthusiasm, Superintendent Brian Doelger said at last week’s Board of Education meeting. (more…)

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07/17/19 10:00am


After more than three years of planning and seeking grants to offset expenses, the project to install a nitrogen-reducing septic system at Legion Hall that would also serve one-third of the Shelter Island School building, has been abandoned.

Town officials said Suffolk County Department of Health Services requirements made the plan impossible.

An even larger project, that could serve several public buildings in the Center, is now under discussion. Town and school officials hope financial grant sources will smile on the revised plans and provide funding. (more…)

07/07/19 3:00pm

Interim Superintendent Allan Gerstenlauer will replace Christine Finn for a single month in July before newly appointed Superintendent Brian Doelger returns to the district as Ms. Finn’s successor on August 1.

Allan Gerstenlauer will serve as interim superintendent of the Shelter Island School District for July, overseeing the summer school program and beginning work preparing for the fall term. (more…)

06/19/19 4:30pm

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The Shelter Island Board of Education has hired an interim superintendent to take the helm when Christine Finn leaves the district at the end of the month. But Allan Gerstenlauer may never take the post. (more…)