11/12/16 8:00am


One of my favorite autumn pastimes is to spend several hours on Sunday afternoons in sports bars that offer the full package of NFL games. These cozy establishments are the last havens in America where one can find casual camaraderie that extends across generational lines.

On a recent visit to one of these taverns, I was drawn into a conversation with a group of recent college graduates and, as was often the case on such occasions, the conversation ventured into topics beyond the realm of football. (Most of the pilgrims who frequent these Sunday services have mastered the art of indulging in verbal digressions while maintaining a steely focus on the games they’re watching.) (more…)

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07/24/15 4:30pm
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO David Rankin in his Island studio.

David Rankin in his Island studio.

David Rankin is a rare and gifted artist, one of the few to make painting and sculpture his livelihood for most of his 68 years.

His Shelter Island home near Wades Beach is a refined compound of studio, house and pool. But growing up in Australia, an Irish immigrant and precocious son of an illiterate, itinerant bootmaker, he recalls receiving career advice from a well-meaning friend of his father’s: “You’re a bright young lad. You should do a little studying and go for one of the glamour trades — a sparky.” (more…)

03/28/15 3:00pm


I read with interest and can recommend the insert in last week’s Reporter, Northforker 50+.

It’s loaded with senior-sensitive ads as well as stories of seniors reinventing themselves after age 50. There’s also advice on dating, diet and exercise. (more…)