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11/14/19 4:30pm


A stuffed giraffe named Melvin, completely swathed in toilet paper, stood by the window of Mary Kanarvogel’s office in the Shelter Island School on Halloween as a stream of students came to see him. (more…)

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11/08/19 12:00pm


A different perspective
To the Editor:
I completed my first marathon (NYC) this past weekend at age 61.

I have a summer home on Shelter Island and our beautiful land was the setting for my training runs. From July 1 until marathon day, Nov. 3, I ran over 500 miles with many of these miles taking place during July and August on Shelter Island. (more…)

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08/31/19 3:00pm

Howard Francis Geoghegan Xavier Jackson of Shelter Island, formerly of Garden City, died in the early morning of Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 at Stony Brook ELIH in Greenport. He was 94 years old. (more…)

06/12/19 12:00pm

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Camp Adventure may have relocated from Camp Quinipet to an upstate location, but the Paul R. Carey Memorial Golf Outing, which has long-supported KidsNeedMoRE, the parent organization of the camp, continues its fundraising efforts on the Island. (more…)