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03/03/19 11:00am


New York Yankee Mickey Mantle announced his retirement from baseball after 18 years, citing persistent knee injuries; he is credited with 536 home runs.

James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc married his third wife, Joan Mansfield, who was a philanthropist and would later give away much of their money after his death.

Boston Center Phil Esposito became the first player in National Hockey League history to record 100 points in a single season.

The former USSR performed a nuclear test in Eastern Kazakh.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

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11/06/18 10:00am

Resident Bob Fredericks told the Town Board last week it’s ‘ludicrous’ to budget without a firm handle of the town’s fund balance.

Islanders had an opportunity Wednesday to weigh in on the proposed $12.9 million budget the Town Board has crafted for 2019.

But one resident — Bob Fredericks from Hay Beach — wasn’t waiting until the official public hearing to let the board know he thinks more money could have been taken from the town’s fund balance to avoid having to raise taxes at all. (more…)

02/19/18 10:00am
COURTESY PHOTO | Barbara Silverstone

COURTESY PHOTO | Barbara Silverstone

“I believe in turnover of leadership,” Barbara Silverstone told me in an interview last week.

Barbara, the Senior Citizen Foundation’s president, took over leadership of the benevolent organization just two years ago and plans to step down from the helm at the group’s April meeting.  (more…)

02/17/18 8:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Codger at home with Crone (a ka a Lois B. Morris) and Cur (Milo) at their West Neck Road home.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Codger at home with Crone (a ka a Lois B. Morris) and Cur (Milo) at their West Neck Road home.

Cur slipped away on a Saturday morning three weeks ago. Codger and Crone were with him, murmuring, stroking him, weeping. He was more than 14 years old and very sick.

Codger and Crone are not routinely sentimental, but there has been much talk since about rainbow bridges and other beloved dogs waiting for Cur on the other side. Codger’s father, Coot, who never met Cur, is there with treats. (more…)