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08/07/19 4:30pm

Maestro Itzhak Perlman during the orchestral performance at the silver anniversary gala of the PMP last week.

Over 300 supporters of the Perlman Music Program (PMP) gathered at its campus overlooking Crescent Beach to celebrate its 25th Anniversary Gala on July 26.

Founders Toby and Itzhak Perlman welcomed Islanders and friends, alumni, faculty and founders from all over the world who gathered to recognize the culmination of what was once just “Toby’s dream.” (more…)

07/25/19 8:00am

Maestro Itzhak Perlman conducting student musicians.

On Friday night the Perlman Music Program (PMP) will celebrate 25 years of giving young musicians an unforgettable summer experience while honoring founders Toby and Itzhak Perlman at its Silver Anniversary Gala.

The quarter century benchmark is the culmination of what Ms. Perlman calls, “The second chapter of my life.” (more…)

08/30/15 3:00pm
JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Columnist Richard Lomuscio

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Columnist Richard Lomuscio

I was daydreaming the other day as I disembarked South Ferry. I passed Hallock Real Estate on the left, followed by the offices of Drs. Grunwaldt and Stroll at the Town Medical Center.

I stopped at Schmid’s for a half dozen jelly donuts, then filled up with gas at B&D. Continuing north on Route114, I noticed that the House of Glass was busy and George’s IGA parking lot was full. (more…)