09/28/17 8:00am
JULIE LANE PHOTO Cars, cars, cars.

JULIE LANE PHOTO  |  AARP’s Driver Safety one-day class was offered for seniors last week. The next class is December 5.

Do you remember many years ago when you took the written test for your driver’s license and one of the questions was, “How much space should you leave between yourself and the car in front of you?”

The answer we had to learn was “one car length for every 10 miles per hour you were traveling.” (more…)

08/24/17 4:30pm
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | Sunset  from the Sunset Beach Hotel.

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | Sunset from the Sunset Beach Hotel.

I visited Island artist and senior citizen Janet Culbertson on Sunday morning. Janet was on the artist studio tour last weekend along with several other artists.

Laurie Fanelli suggested I go to take a photo of one of Janet’s new works because of its subject matter. (more…)

07/15/17 11:00am


I made a point of attending the library fundraiser under the tent last Friday evening. What a treat!

It was billed as “Suds and Song” and featured folksinger Caroline Doctorow on guitar along with two other musicians. There were times when the audience could join in the singing. (more…)