Krupski landslide in Island voting

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Janalyn Travis-Messer happily cast her vote in the special County Legislature election Tuesday.

Shelter Island tracked with the rest of the 1st district in the easy win by Southold Councilman Al Krupski over Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter in the special election Tuesday for Suffolk County legislator

According to unofficial results from the Shelter Island Democratic Committee, Mr. Krupski got 275 votes to Mr. Walter’s 119.

Totals district-wide shortly after the polls closed at 9 p.m. Tuesday gave Mr. Krupski  6,445 votes to Mr. Walter’s 3,076, with 62 of 65 districts reporting, good for a whopping 68 percent to 32 percent.

Suffolk County Board of Elections official Joseph Trepillone told the Reporter Tuesday that 98 absentee ballots were requested by Shelter Island voters and 48 were returned to the BOE. Mr. Trepillone said a count was not yet available,

One poll worker contacted said turnout here was surprisingly strong  for a special election.

Victoria Weslek, Vice-chairwoman of the  Shelter Island Democratic Committee said Wednesday morning Dems were in a celebratory mood. “All in all, it was a great turnout for Democrats on Shelter Island and it really shows in the results,” Ms. Weslek said.

The voting breakdown for Shelter Island election districts was:

ED1- 76 (DEM- 71, WFP-5)
ED2- 80 (DEM- 67, WFP-13)
ED3- 54 (DEM- 48, WFP- 6)
ED4- 65 (DEM- 61, WFP- 4)

ED1- 25 (REP- 17, CON-6, IND- 2)
ED2- 34 (REP- 22, CON- 7, IND- 5)
ED3- 29 (REP- 17, CON- 8, IND- 4)
ED4- 31 (REP- 26, CON- 4, IND- 1)