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State slated to up grant $$ to Shelter Island

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. has announced an Assembly proposal for municipal grants.

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. has announced an Assembly proposal for municipal grants.

File it with the Department of Every Bit Counts.

Last week the New York State Assembly proposed agrant $12,357 to Shelter Island through the Aid and Incentives for Municipalities Program (AIM), which directs funds to local governments. This year’s AIM grant is an increase of about $2,200 over last year’s grant.

The proposal now goes to the Senate.

The Village of Dering Harbor also got in on the state’s largesse, to the tune of $1,109, or $13 more than last year.

The total AIM package is $80 million with Brookhaven marked for $2,099,000 and the smallest grant going to Dering Harbor.

In announcing the assembly’s action, Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. (I-Sag Harbor) said, in a statement: “As a former Town Supervisor, I know how important every dollar of State aid can be in the pursuit of freezing real property taxes. Further, after the toll the harsh winter has taken on local snow budgets and local roads, Town and Village budgets are stretched to the breaking point. These additional funds will help reduce the strain on local government budgets. I am confident that the final State Budget, after it is negotiated with the State Senate and Governor, will include additional aid to local governments.”




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  • State slated to up grant $$ to Shelter Island | Shelter Island Reporter

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