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Agenda for Deer & Tick Committee

DON BINDLER PHOTO | The town's Deer & Tick Committee announced an agenda change for tomorrow's meeting.

DON BINDLER PHOTO | The town’s Deer & Tick Committee announced an agenda change for tomorrow’s meeting.

Shelter Island Deer & Tick Committee members who had considered a visit to a 4-poster this month, have abandoned that plan because there are too many subjects that need to be discussed at Wednesday morning’s meeting without taking time for a field trip, according to Chairman Mike Scheibel.
Members who want to see how the 4-poster units function can arrange with Nick Ryan, the Island’s Department of Public Works expert on setting up and servicing  the units, to do so on their own, Mr. Scheibel said.

Mr. Ryan is slated to give committee members an update on how the 4-posters are functioning at tomorrow morning’s meeting.

Prime among the topics of discussion will be requests from Councilman Ed Brown and resident Bill Smith for a complete accounting of what has been spent on deer and tick control. The Reporter has also requested the information.

A proposed town-wide questionnaire to ascertain attitudes toward programs eradicating health problems caused by ticks who feed on the deer is also on the agenda for discussion.

Members Jim Colligan and Jackie Black will offer an update on their efforts to produce an informational paper outlining the problems and actions being undertaken by the town to deal with the problems.

The meeting at Town Hall gets under way at 10 a.m.

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