04/18/17 4:30pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Supervisor Jim Dougherty is the lone vote on the Town Board against a 14-day minimum for short-term rentals.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Supervisor Jim Dougherty will give the 10th annual State of the Town address on April 23 at the Ram’s Head Inn.


The League of Women Voters of Shelter Island will host its 10th annual State of the Town luncheon on Sunday, April 23 at the Ram’s Head Inn, it was announced last week by the league president, Lois B. Morris.

Town Supervisor Jim Dougherty will update Islanders on where the town stands fiscally, and address key issues facing the Island. Mr. Dougherty, who is chairman of the East End Supervisors and Mayors Association, will also review challenges and opportunities the Island shares with its neighbors. (more…)

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03/27/17 10:00am

Old, open book with a damaged cover.


Kicking off a tour at The Astoria London, Jimi Hendrix for the first time set fire to his guitar on stage — a move that would become his signature — but this time he had to be treated at a hospital for burns.

Members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists for all three major networks — NBC, CBS and ABC — went on strike and it took 13 days to settle,  in time for a CBS live broadcast in April of the Academy Awards.

Americans were listening to The Turtles “Happy Together” at the end of March 1967.

United Nations Secretary General U Thant made public his proposals for a peace settlement in Vietnam.

In what was hailed at the time as the “greatest single Commonwealth achievement in communications,” the South-East Commonwealth telephone cable was inaugurated in Sydney, Australia making it possible to make direct calls between Australia and its Pacific neighbors and allowing calls to the rest of the world.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

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11/28/16 10:00am


In the best interest
To the Editor:
A recent editorial in the Reporter pointed out two areas of town governance and budget that needed serious consideration. We are writing to support the points expressed in the editorial and urge the Town Board to act expeditiously on these proposals.

First, we should increase Jay Card’s salary, over time, to make him competitive with those in a similar position in other East End towns. He is currently seriously underpaid and he is also doing an outstanding job with the Highway Department, the Recycling Center and with all of the town properties that fall under his domain in the Department of Public Works. (more…)

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11/18/16 12:00pm


Short term rentals
To the Editor:
The short-term rental regulation question before the Shelter Island Town Board is complex and clearly illustrates a divide in our community.

The Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey among its membership revealing that not all of our members view the matter unanimously. However, the broad mission of the Chamber is to advance economic, industrial, civic, professional, cultural and general interests of the town. Recognizing the breadth of our objective, we are also a nonpartisan organization, and will not partake in influencing political outcomes. (more…)