Mens Bowling: Two weeks in a row Lechmanski scores big

Week 18: The Legionnaires started the week going into a tailspin in their 11-point loss to the Pharmaceuticals. The Pharms rolled the third high team series of 2982, which included the high game of 1066. Stanley Beckwith rolled the second high game of 201.

For you golfers, have you been wondering what Tiger Woods has been doing lately? He has been giving Mike Loriz tips. This week Mike shot or rather rolled scores of 78 and 66. Mike had been complaining about slicing his thumb that afternoon, hampering his bowling. Mike, cowboy down! What’s next, a bad hip? I already have dibs on that. Stay with flying, keep sharp objects out of your hand and please don’t run with scissors.

The Terminators slid past the Clippers this week with a 7-point win. While the Terms rolled the high series of 2995, the Clips rolled the second high series of 2986. For the Clips, Kevin Lechmanski rolled the high series of the week, 568, which included the high game of 203. Rolling 91 pins over his average, Kevin earned Bowler of the Week honors. Also for the Terms was Mike Reiter with a third high series of 475. Anyone seen BJ? Good thing the Terms have Gunnar to cover for him.

Despite Denny Clark rolling the second high series of 502, including the third high game of 198, the TBalls lost all 11 points to the Under Achievers.

Another 11-point winner this week was the Holy Rollers in their match with the Misfits.

Week 19: While the Terms soared, the TBalls stumbled once again this week in their 11-point loss. The Terms rolled the third high series of 3039. Mike Reiter rolled the second high series of 505. For the TBalls, Denny Clark rolled the second high game of 210. In the absence of Keith this week, I believe that Wardy was filling in with cocktail waitress duties.

The Legionnaires drop-kicked the Misfits this week, taking all 11 points. The ‘Naires took care of business in Mike’s absence while he was off flying. Not only rolling the high team series of 3098, they also rolled the second high game of 1046. Alan Shaw’s pocket shot was looking pretty good this week. Missing the first game, Alan’s two-game series almost beat Mike’s three-game series last week. Let us not forget Tim King of the Misfits. Tim rolled a third high series and third high game of 500 and 200 respectively. Also for the Misfits was “Come on Man” Taplin who folded like a cheap suit.

Fighting for third place this week were the Pharms and the Holy Rollers. The Pharms managed to get the 8-point win. The Pharms rolled the high game of 1076.

The last game of the week was the match between the Clippers and the Unders with the Unders giving the Clips a gift in the way of a forfeit. With the way that Kevin Lechmanski bowled again this week, the Clips needed no gifts. Kevin rolled the high series of the week of 622 and  also rolled the high game of 236. Rolling an amazing 139 pins over his average, he earned Bowler of the Week honors once again. I just hope that he doesn’t crash and burn like Tom Kretz did after having two consecutive good weeks earlier in the season. Sorry, Tom, for throwing you under the bus.


Week 19 Team Standings

Team Won Lost Pct.

Dory Terminators 146 63 .699

Louie’s Clippers 126 83 .603

Pharmaceuticals 114 95 .546

Holy Rollers 109 100 .522

Thunderballs 103 106 .493

Misfits 99 110 .474

Under Achievers 81 128 .388

Legionnaires 58 151 .278