Men's Bowling: Terms trump Pharms, meet Clips for crown

The first round of playoffs began last week for the men. As opposed to the normal season handicap of 90 percent, the Terminators received an 85 percent while the Pharmaceuticals received an 80 percent handicap.

In the first game the Pharms came out strong, led by Bud Morris with a 207. This game turned out to also be the high game. Scott Enstine had a 170 game for the Pharms.

For the Terms we had BJ Volenski and Gunnar Wissemann with a pair of 174s and Rich Surozenski with a 176. Nice 109 game, Dave. The second had Rich leading his team to a win with his 205. The third game had Richie rolling a 182 while Brett Page rolled a 183. It was a good night for Richie with his 563 series. For the Pharms Randy Silvani had a 175 game. It wasn’t Dave who choked this third game, but none other than Gunnar, holding up the white flag for the Fatherland. The night ended with the Terms taking the 6-point win.

The first game on Friday had the Terms benching Gunnar for the first time this year. Once again the Pharms came out strong with Randy leading his team with a 207.  The second game had Richie rolling a 207 and once again leading his team to a win. The Terms’ Mike Reiter rolled a 186 in the third game, and believe it or not, Dave had a 179 game. More amazing was his 516 series.

For the Pharms Randy had a 514 series.

With the 8-point win the Terms sealed the deal to go on to face the Clips next week.

The Clips snatched first place from the Terms in the final week of the season. Will the Terms have the sweet taste of revenge in the final round for the championship?

One final note. Although the dinner list was posted late this year, all bowlers are urged to sign up for the dinner by the end of the month so that Tammy can get an accurate head count. If unable to go to the Legion, I ask that captains call me at home and leave a head count for those planning to attend the dinner. Your cooperation is appreciated in advance.