New nursery for native plants

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Today’s pile of dirt and hole in the ground across from the IGA is tomorrow’s new nursery on Shelter Island .

If you’ve walked or driven past what appears to be a large hole in the ground on Route 114, opposite the IGA, you’re likely wondering just what’s planned for that corner. Dickie Clark has some good news for you.

His son, Kristian, is graduating from the University of Massachusetts this spring and returning home to operate a nursery at the site.

But it won’t be just any old nursery, Mr. Clark said. He has spent much time digging out invasive species that have taken root on the long-neglected site and Kristian’s plans are to stock the finished nursery with native species.

The invasives around the Island have been very aggressive, often squeezing out less hardy native plants, he said. The nursery stock Kristian will be selling will enable residents to replenish their gardens with the natives plants.

Just when the clearing will be finished and work begun on building at the site is still unclear, but Mr. Clark expects his son to be operating the nursery by this summer.