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Students lining up for summer jobs

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO James Lupo signs up for a possible job at Shelter Island Hardware bringing smiles to the faces of Camryn (center) and Meredith Page.
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO James Lupo signs up for a possible job at Shelter Island Hardware bringing smiles to the faces of Camryn (center) and Meredith Page.

Shelter Island students mobbed the school gymnasium Monday afternoon — some in search of summer jobs that would put money in their pockets.

Others were looking for opportunities to volunteer to rack up community service hours that could win them accolades when they graduate and help them stand out from the crowd of college applications.

There were representatives of 13 companies and organizations, most from Shelter Island, but Mindy Ryan was hoping to lure some volunteers to the nearby George Costello Skating Rink at the American Legion Post in Greenport.

The offer was a trial volunteer position with those who shined to be offered paying summer jobs, Ms. Ryan said.

As for the students, a number already have summer jobs, but were curious to see what else might be in the offing.

A number of students were filling applications, hoping to be invited to accept summer jobs at Kyle’s, the Shelter Island IGA, Piccozzi’s gas station, The Nature Conservancy/Mashomack Preserve and Camp Quinipet.

“I don’t want to sound greedy,” said 10th grader Nicholas Labrozzi. He already has a job, but was curious to see if he might identify something that would pay him more.

He filled out an application for the IGA, saying he needed money to run a car, to save for college and just to spend on those things that a young man must have day to day.

“I love my job,” IGA staffer Chris Alff told the students, encouraging them to join the team.

George Hoffman from Piccozzi’s was telling two young girls they could certainly handle a job pumping gas. And if they already have jobs lined up this summer, the gas station could also use help during the winter season, he said.

Katherine Ramos, an eighth grader, signed up with Kyle because she thought it would be fun to work in the restaurant but would also be good experience for future jobs.

Representatives from SALT and its Greenport restaurant, PORT, proved attractive to ninth grader Nicholas Mamaisashvili who said he likes interacting with people.
Audrey Wood, hadn’t signed up for anything yet, but the 10th grader had collected a lot of information from various employers.

Other employer and organization representatives at the job fair were from the Shelter Island Library, Shelter Island Hardware, the Pridwin, the new Caci restaurant opening at Shelter Island House, the Shelter Island Historical Society, South Ferry and Shelter Island Pilates & Barre.

Most pronounced the event a success from their perspectives, while, for a few, the jury is still out as they hope they’ll hear from some of the students whose minds weren’t yet made up.

Guidance Counselor Martha Tuthill organized the event for the second successive year and was assisted by a number of school colleagues in keeping students flowing from table to table and assisting them in filling applications.