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Carters’ court battle officially over

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Carter Dan Binder says goodbye to legal battle.
Carter Dan Binder says goodbye to legal battle.

Exactly a year to the day after a summons and complaint were filed in Suffolk County Civil Supreme Court charging that carter Dan Binder was purposely trying to mislead customers about who was handling pickup and disposal of their refuse, the case ended with a whimper in the same court on Tuesday.Jon DiVello of Shelter Island Environmental and Dan Binder of Shelter Island Sanitation had become embroiled in an ever-growing battle between not only the use of the name Shelter Island, but in further charges from Mr. DiVello that Mr. Binder had libeled him in a letter to the Reporter’s editor. That letter, while not naming Shelter Island Environmental, said only Shelter Island Sanitation was properly separating recyclables.

But the arguments came to an end with both men negotiating an agreement for Mr. DiVello to purchase about half of Mr. Binder’s business, while leaving him with that part of the business that handles construction debris.

Mr. Binder told the Reporter last week he was glad to have the case settled so that he could move forward unhampered by the legal battle.

On Tuesday, instead of proceeding with a trial, attorneys for both sides filed necessary paperwork with the court discontinuing the case with prejudice, meaning it is completed and can’t be reopened.

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